Big Deal Free Trial Worth On SEMrush Coupon Code

SEMRush is an SEM tool that allows you to conduct backlink analysis, keyword research, performing an SEO audit, and much more as a marketer. With the help of this tool, you can easily locate profitable keywords that are worth investing in. It is a top-ranking search engine tool that is aimed to help marketers and bloggers of all levels. You can check the competitors’ traffic, spy on the competitors, and estimate the present website traffic, backlinks, keywords, and other metrics. The tool is not just helpful for competitive keyword research but a wide overview of search engines, organic research, advertising research, and backlinks, etc. You can use the following Free Trial with SEMrush Coupon of the Guru account.

What features you get with this SEMrush promo offer?

Keyword magic tool: Their keyword database now exceeds 7.7 billion. With this tool, you can research the main keywords and also the LSI keywords you need to target in your blog posts. SEO content template: It allows you to write SEO-friendly blog content that ranks high in Google by suggesting your content template taking semantic SEO and also topical SEO into consideration. Content audit: It enables you to audit the content on your site and gives you suggestions on what content to delete, update or merge for good SEO health and reader experience. Domain vs domain analysis: Lets you compare the two sites when it comes to keywords, backlinks, and other metrics. Competitors: It lets you know the SEO competitors of your site or any site looking at the common keywords the sites are ranking for. Once you determine who are all your competitors, you can analyze their SEO strategies to replicate them in your business. Website traffic estimation: It estimates the traffic any website is getting by analyzing the keywords and the position in which they are ranking for.


  • Access to an up-to-date keyword database:
  • SEMrush has an extensive database of more than 100M keywords that they source from all the major search engines online.
  • It includes regional databases from the US, Europe, China, Australia, Japan, the Middle East, and more!
  • Easy to use and intuitive dashboard that makes it great for project management:
  • SEMrush boasts of being the all-in-one marketing toolkit specially designed for serious marketers.
  • It has a wide range of features that you could need to create, execute, and track your SEO campaigns.
  • Price is similar to other SEO toolkits of the same caliber:
  • While it can seem a bit pricey for some people, SEMrush offers deals through their affiliates.


  • Late response from the customer service team:
  • Some users have experienced having to wait for several days for a callback to fix a system issue.
  • While email support is available on the website, it may not be the best avenue for urgent matters.
  • Doesn’t notify users when there is an algorithm change:
  • Having this feature would be very helpful for marketers as it gives them a heads-up of why their tracked rankings changed.
  • Another feature that would benefit SEO specialists is a notification system that alerts users when competitors are bidding on their target keywords.