How to Get FREE UC in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the popular online battleground game. Now PUBG Mobile has joined hands with popular Indian platform to offer UC cash at a discounted price through various payment options. PUBG Mobile is free to play the game for both Android and iOS smartphone users. However, the player has the option of getting some advantage by buying some in-game cosmetics like costumes or weapons. But to buy these cosmetics you need UC (Unknown Cash) which is the in-game currency.

The price of the UC depends on the ratio of 60 to 1. This means that one dollar equals 60 UC. If you come here looking for a way to get BP and UC for free at PUBG Mobile, you might be disappointed: Currently, there is no legitimate way to win Unlimited Free PUBG UC hacks & Generators. South Korean players used a great job to win 150 UC for free, but that doesn’t work today. However, there are still some things you can do. Today, in Techindroid, we will show you useful information about UC and BP-free control of PUBG Mobile.


– Add Unlimited Unknown Cash – No-root needed – Updates daily – Works on all android devices


1- Sign up to receive your special referral link which you will use to share with your friends. 2- Invite your friends to our site by sharing your link. You will earn 25 Unknown Cash (UC) for everyone who clicks your link and joins. 3- Redeem and use your favorite skins, including costume skins, weapon skins, and other in-game contents.

How To Get PUBG 200 UC For Free?

1. First of All, open your PUBG Mobile Game. 2. You must have 200 UC in your PUBG Account to Apply this offer. 3. Tap on Above Cubic Icon and tap on Bonus Reward Option. 4. Tap on + ICON and Redeem 1000 Battle Coins for 100 UC. 5. Redeem Again 1000 battle Coins for 100 UC. 6. Go to Mail Box now and Collect your 2000 Battle Coins. 7. Get back Again to Cubic Icon and tap on Bonus Reward Option and Tap on 300 UC Pack for 2000 Battle Coins and Redeem it. 8. Collect your 300 UC from Mailbox in which you will get a profit of 100 UC. 9. Follow All steps Again and Make a profit of 100 UC Again.

PUBG Mobile Free UC Generators:

Free UC Generators usually aks your Username and the device platform of your smartphone and claims that they can send you the UC or BP. Entering your username and selecting the device platform will trigger another step. The generator will ask you how much UC you want to load into your account for free. Then as a final step to send the free UC to your PUBG Mobile account, it will ask you to verify if you are a human using a survey that can never be completed.

That’s how they made money through ads and waste your precious time. So, never trust a third-party website to get a Free UC in PUBG Mobile. Simply, that’s not possible to do changes in an online game’s server without being owner or staff of that game.

Offers in Your Google Play Account

Google Play Store gives you some free credits or offers to spend on your apps/games of your choice for selected customers. Be sure to check all of your Google accounts to get benefitted by them! Here’s how to check:

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Tap on 3 Lines on the top-left corner
  • Tap on “My account”
  • Go to the rewards section
  • There you’ll see if you have any offer to buy UC in PUBG Mobile.
  • That’s the best way to get a heavy discount.
  • That’s how to get Free UC in PUBG Mobile without doing task anything but just checking offers in your Google Play Account.